Interested in serving on a Board

If being on a board in the third or public sector is something you would like to do, this website provides you with an up to date resource.  It profiles board opportunities that exist in Northern Ireland (primarily), sometimes Ireland, and occasionally Scotland, Wales and England.

Having diverse skills and experience in our boardrooms has been rehearsed many times. The only way to achieve this is to have people from diverse backgrounds with a range of skills and experience to apply. In order to do that, knowing what board opportunities exist is the first stage, the second is making the decision to apply.  That is your decision to take.

If you are interested in being on a Board in the Third or Public Sector and want to play your part in your community and public life then register to receive the notifications. It is FREE to register and notifications go direct to your email.

If you are recruiting for Non Executive Directors or Trustees and would like to promote your role here, just drop a note through the ‘get in touch’ section.

Eileen Mullan’s TEDx Talk (below) delves into the world of boardroom diversity and civic responsibility. Eileen takes us on a journey in identifying what matters to you and how by turning up you can play your part. Giving your time and sharing your skills is a huge gift to many organisations, in return you will gain more than you ever imagined.