Ever thought about serving on a board in the public or third sector?

Many of our Boards in the public and third sectors seek committed and passionate individuals to step up and play their part. The first thing we need to  to know is what Boardroom Opportunities are available. Strictly Boardroom provides a platform for people who are interested in serving on boards to connect with opportunities that interest them. It also profiles the Boardroom Apprentice. An initiative that bridges the gap between aspiration and reality for those who want to serve on a board and would like some help to get there.

This website is provided voluntarily, no one pays to subscribe and no one pays to advertise Boardroom Opportunities. Eileen Mullan is the driving force behind it, and does this as her personal commitment to enabling and empowering others to play their part.

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Watch Eileen Mullan explain the benefits of Board membership

Eileen Mullan shares her motivation for being a Trustee and Non Executive Director through her  TEDx Talk below.  Eileen takes us on a journey in identifying what matters to you and how by turning up you can play your part. Giving your time and sharing your skills is a huge gift to many organisations, in return you will gain more than you ever imagined.

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Why become a Board member?

Play your part

These are our public services and our charities. They all need committed and passionate members to take on these responsible and important roles.

Develop new skills

We bring our skills, experience and individual perspective to all board roles. That does not prevent us from learning new ones. There is a significant opportunity to learn and develop as a board member.

Give your time & share your skills

Give your time and share your skills to a cause that matters to you. Board roles require a significant personal time commitment. If you have a desire to serve, match that with a cause that matters.


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