Civil Legal Services Appeal panel Chairpersons and Panel Members

The Department of Justice invites applicants for the appointment of up to 7 Chairpersons and up to 14 Panel Members, from a range of professional backgrounds, to create a pool from which Civil Legal Services Appeal Panels can be formed.

The Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission is empowered to grant or refuse Civil Legal Services and there is a right of appeal against those decisions.  Legislation to change the status of the Commission to an Executive Agency of the Department of Justice is at an advanced stage and a new, independent appeals mechanism is being established.

The Appeal Panels will consider and adjudicate on appeals against decisions about the granting of Civil Legal Services, in line with relevant primary and secondary legislation.   The Department will provide general direction and guidance on the discharge of the appeals function but cannot interfere in individual cases.

Information and application packs available at:

Applicants should submit a completed application form before noon on the closing date of 14 October 2014.  Completed application forms that are delivered by hand, by post or by e-mail will be accepted.

Hard copies are available upon request.

Applications can be posted/delivered by hand to;

The Competition Co-ordinator,
Department of Justice
Joyce McCormick
Massey House
Stormont Estate
Belfast, BT4 3SX