Sentence Review Commissioners, Northern Ireland Office

The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland invites applications for appointment to the Sentence Review Commissioners. This competition will be used to recruit one lawyer and one psychologist or psychiatrist.

The Sentence Review Commissioners were created by the Northern Ireland Act 1998, as part of the Belfast Agreement. The Sentence Review Commissioners operate independently of Government and are sponsored by the Northern Ireland Office.

The Sentence Review Commissioners’ primary job is the consideration of applications for accelerated release within the terms of the Act. Following the suspension of a licence by the Secretary of State within the terms of the relevant legislation, the Commissioners are also responsible for considering whether to revoke or confirm the licence. If you would like more information on the Sentence Review Commissioners you can access their website at:

Further information on the role and the terms of appointment can be found on the Cabinet Office’s Public Appointments website:

Application packs can be downloaded directly from the Cabinet Office’s Public Appointments website or alternatively you can request an application pack by email to:

The closing date for applications is Friday 19 December 2014.