Non Executives (5) – Northern Ireland Water

The Department for Regional Development is seeking to appoint 5 Non-Executive members to the Board of NI Water.

NI Water was established on 1 April 2007 as a government owned company with the Department for Regional Development as the sole shareholder. The Department is responsible for the appointment of the Board. NI Water is responsible for the delivery of water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland. There are approximately 818,000 households, businesses and agricultural users connected to the public water supply and 663,000 households and businesses connected to the public sewerage system.


The role will be to work as a member of the Board to bring experience and judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and governance. Members should bring wide experience and critical detachment to the work of the organisation and be prepared to constructively challenge and assist executive management in the development of strategic objectives and policies.

Skills and Experience

No specific academic qualifications are required for the posts. Applicants for the post of Board Member for NI Water are expected to demonstrate, by way of an example or examples, that they meet the criteria. Applicants must provide examples for Criteria 1, 2 and 3 and can chose one out of Criteria 4, 5 or 6.

Applicats must complete all 3 criteria

  1. Developing and Delivering Strategy
  2. Governance, Control and Accountability
  3. Working in Partnership

Applicants must choose and complete one criterion from the following:

   4.   Organisational Change
5.   Financial Management
6.   Customer Focus

All candidates will be expected to have high standards of probity and integrity.

The appointment is effective from 1 August 2015 and will run for a period of four years.

Applicants invited for interview are eligible for reimbursement of reasonable travelling expenses incurred within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Time Commitment and Remuneration

The remuneration is £18,000 per annum based on anticipated attendance of 2 business days per month, plus scope for 4 additional days at £750 per day. Reasonable travel and subsistence costs will also be paid to attend meetings in accordance with NI Water’s processes. The new Members will be expected to attend monthly Board meetings and other adhoc meetings as required. This may involve a commitment both inside and outside of normal working hours, including representing NI Water at occasional evening engagements.

CLOSING DATE 27th March 2015 (noon)

Additional Information