Commissioner for Public Appointments Final report before he leaves office

Public Appointments in Northern Ireland have been the subject of many discussions and headlines. The Commissioner for Public Appointments in Northern Ireland has published his final report before he leaves office. The Commissioner focuses his report on three themes

  • The regulatory role
  • Advice to Departments and others
  • Lack of Diversity/Under-Representation on the boards of public bodies

The third theme is that disappoints him the most.

‘It is rare to get an identical message, on any topic, from such a diverse range of interests, and it is clear to me that these people see no progress by Government and its Departments, on ‘widening the net’ to get a more diverse 7 range of applicants coming forward for appointment. I have to say that I share the frustration of those organisations and agree that little visible progress has been made in the 17 years since the Good Friday Agreement, which was supposed to herald a new era of inclusion in Northern Ireland’

The Commissioner sights  a lack of progress and focused attention in his remarks. He also refers the the 26 recommendations of the ‘under representation and lack of diversity report’.

Read the full report on the link above and get a sense of the frustration presented by the outgoing Commissioner John Keanie