Vaughan Trust gets a new Trustee

The Department of Education has announced the appointment of a new Trustee to the Vaughan Trust.

Mrs Margaret O’Malley lives in County Fermanagh and is a former primary school teacher with an interest in farming. She will bring considerable knowledge and experience of education in a rural setting to the work of the Trust. Mrs O’Malley does not hold any other public appointments and has not undertaken any political activity in the last five years.

1. The Vaughan Trust is a charitable body based in County Fermanagh whose primary aim is to aid and support the development of agriculture in that County, in accordance with a substantial charitable bequest by the late George Vaughan who died in 1763. The Trust allocates funding for agricultural education and training and while the Trust’s funding emphasis is on awards in this area it also supports livestock improvement schemes and has supported research projects which offer potential benefits for farming in the County.

2. The constitution of the Trust is set out in The Vaughan’s Charity (Administration) Order (Northern Ireland) 1973. The Order provides for the establishment of a body of administrative trustees consisting of three nominated trustees of whom one shall be appointed by the Minister of Education. In addition there are two representative trustees, one of whom represents farmers in Co Fermanagh and the other young farmers in the County.

3. The appointment will commence on 6 July 2015 for a five year term (unless terminated before that time). The appointment is not remunerated.

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