Boundary Commission For Northern Ireland seeks a new member

Members of the Commission need to work together to balance statistical, demographic, and sociological factors within the framework set out by statute. The Commission works in an environment in which political pressures are significant, so it is therefore vital that commission members must be, and seen to be politically impartial in the fulfilment of their duties.

The member role is a challenging but rewarding opportunity. It calls for someone with good judgement, resilience and sensitivity.The post is part-time. When a review is underway the Commission will usually meet every 4-6 weeks. Each meeting may require up to 1-2 days of a member’s time. In between reviews there will be a lesser commitment. 

 Key Responsibilities
Members of the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland have collective responsibility. As a general rule they must:

  • Attend regular meetings of the commission and be well prepared by reading relevant papers in advance;
  • Contribute to discussions and decision making;
  • Undertake visits to areas as part of the review process, as required;
  • Formulate proposals according to the remit of the legislation governing the distribution of seats;
  • Follow the Seven Principles of Public Life set out by the Committee on Standards in Public Life;
  • Comply with the Code of Practice for members; and
  • Ensure they understand their duties, rights and responsibilities and that they are familiar with the function and role of the Commission.

 The Commissioners have no executive or managerial responsibility for the day-to–day work of the secretariat.

Person Specification

An outstanding individual is sought to become a member of the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland: someone who has the ability to make reasoned judgements when conflicts arise; good knowledge and appreciation of the work of the Commission and the statutory constraints within which it must work; proven ability to communicate effectively; and an understanding of how to be an effective board member.

Commissioners should not have any party political affiliations which could be seen to affect their judgement and balance.

Essential Skills
Candidates for this role will need to demonstrate:

  • Strong intellect and sound judgement;
  • Excellent communication and relationship management skills;
  • Good understanding of the purpose of the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland and its work; and
  • A reputation for personal integrity and professional conduct.

Additional Information

The term of office will be for a period of five years from the date of appointment.

Daily remuneration of £505.50

Closing date 09 October 2015 at 17:00

Responsible department – Northern Ireland Office

How to Apply

The information pack, including application form, can be downloaded below.

Alternatively, application material can be obtained by telephoning 028 9076 5497 or by e-mail

Completed applications should be sent by email to
Alternatively they may be sent by post to:

Competition Co-ordinator
Corporate Governance Unit
Northern Ireland Office
Room 42, Stormont House Annex
Stormont House

BCNI 2015- Candidate Information Booklet
BCNI 2015 – Application Summary Form
BCNI 2015- Monitoring Form