CRAICNI on the hunt for Voluntary Board Members – interested!

In order to grow and create a proper foundation for sustainable development CRAICNI C.I.C. is starting to recruit a voluntary board of directors.

CRAICNI C.I.C. is a start-up social enterprise venture registered as a community interest company in May 2015. CRAICNI stands for Cultivate Respect, Appreciate Inclusion in Communities, Northern Ireland, which is the main aim of this venture.

Our main area of interest is to develop and deliver the best quality educational programmes focusing on cohesion, equality and good relation in order to foster a wider understanding about changes in the social landscape of Northern Ireland. We believe that in order to provide a proper education approach to diversity, people who have experienced migration to Northern Ireland should deliver relevant training. 

Our social mission is to work with people from ethnic minority backgrounds who have experienced social exclusion in order to develop their skills to become professional facilitators and trainers. Northern Ireland is facing a high number of racism, hate crime and other issues in which the wider community is playing a vital part. CRAICNI C.I.C. is aiming to use human stories and turn it into a proper programme using personal experiences as an asset.

Currently CRAICNI C.I.C. is receiving mentoring support from the South Belfast Social Enterprise and the School for Social Entrepreneurs in London.

Objectives of the role:

  • Assist the development of CRAICNI C.I.C. as a social enterprise;
  • Board members are required to promote where feasible the work of the company; and
  • Act as an advisor to CRAICNI’s operational team.

Person Specification:

  • An understanding of the role;
  • Commitment to the development of CRAICNI C.I.C. and its activities; and
  • Knowledge or interest in business development and social impact.

Desirable skills:

  • Financial management;
  • Administration and office systems;
  • Corporate management;
  • PR and marketing;
  • Human Rights and Equality; and
  • Strategic planning.

How to apply:

Sound interesting? Return your resume for consideration by end of November 2015! For more information, please contact CRAICNI C.I.C. at

Ours postal address: South Belfast Social Enterprise Hub, 127 – 145 Sandy Row, Belfast, BT12 5ET