DE on the search for representative members to the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI)

The Department of Education (DE) is seeking to appoint 4 representative members to the council of the GTCNI. To bring a wide range of interests and experiences to the council, applications are welcomed from all backgrounds, including those who are not necessarily associated directly with the education service but who have gained their experience from other sectors including business or commercial life and/or involvement in the community. For example, legal skills, human resource, corporate governance or financial experience would be considered beneficial to the overall composition of the Council.

GTCNI is a non departmental public body (NDPB) sponsored and supported by DE. It is the independent professional body for teachers in Northern Ireland, dedicated to enhancing the status of teaching and promoting the highest standards of professional conduct and practice.  Further information can be found on the GTCNI website.

The closing date for receipt of completed applications is: 5.00pm on 10 December 2015

How to Apply

An application pack is available to download below or obtained by contacting DE as follows:

Contact names:        Trish McBride or Barbara Baird             Telephone:                (028) 9127 7684 or 9127 9860 or 9127 9461
Voicemail:                 (028) 9127 9860
Text phone:               18001 (028) 9127 9461
Website:            link opens in a new window / tab)

Or by writing to:        Education Governance Team

Application Packs can be made available in other formats e.g. Braille, large print, Irish Language.  If you require an application pack in a different format please contact us at the above address.

Application pack