Family Mediation NI is Seeking Board members

The Board of Trustees of Family Mediation NI is seeking interest from those who may wish to be nominated to the Board. This is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to add their expertise to support the work of this important service, which is increasingly in demand.

The role of the Board is to ensure that the organisation meets its Strategic targets, which includes quality service deliver and operating within budgets.

The organisation is a registered Charity and complies with the governance of Charity Law and the Charity Commission NI.

The Board meets bi-monthly for approximately 2 hours. Meetings are held in Belfast. The skills and knowledge that would be helpful to the Board at this time are in relation to those who have one of the following:

  • HR experience and or knowledge
  • Mediation knowledge and or experience

Please note for those with a mediation background that a conflict of interest needs to be avoided.

The Process

Anyone who is interested in the opportunity to become a member of the Board of Trustees of FMNI should complete the Expression of Interest Form.  FMNI Expression of Interest Form 2016

On receipt of the form you will be invited to meet with the Chair and one other member of the Board and the Director of FMNI.

Following meetings with potential members, recommendations will go to the Board for decisions about those who will be asked to let their names go forward for nomination.

Closing date Saturday 05th March 2016

FMNI The Organisation

FMNI is a service available throughout Northern Ireland. The service is to support those who are at the point of separation, or already separated or divorced who have issues that are causing concern.

These issues might include parenting and arrangements for the children, financial matters, child support and maintenance or any other problem particular to the personal circumstances of the individuals.

Family mediation is also appropriate in other family circumstances, for example where families have an adult dependant for whom decisions need to be taken or where there are disputes between adult siblings.

Family mediation is a voluntary process in which a trained impartial mediator helps family members to communicate more effectively and to make arrangements for the future, particularly for the children. The benefits to families of mediation can be that conflict is minimised. Family life is improved and long painful and expensive legal battles are avoided.

Should you wish further information please contact the Chair,