Council Members sought

Appointments to the National Haemophilia Council (Ireland)

The Minister for Health invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the positions on the National Haemophilia Council.

Candidates may apply under one of the following areas:

1.Consultant Haematologist
Candidates must have professional experience as a Consultant Haematologist with demonstrable expertise of dealing with persons with haemophilia. They should be registered as a Consultant Haematologist with the Medical Council.

2.Member of a registered profession with an interest in haemophilia.   

Candidates for both positions should demonstrate:

Corporate governance experience (including any previous board expertise)
Significant demonstrable leadership experience in an area of relevance to the Council
An understanding of the environment in which the Council operates, and its relationships with key stakeholders

It is also desirable that candidates have:

  • Relevant experience and/or knowledge in relation to the health sector (including policy) in Primary Care, Hospital care, especially Haemophilia or Research
  • Experience and/or knowledge of the services and supports provided to persons with Haemophilia
  • Experience of Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Could include any person registered under the Medical / Dental / Pharmaceutical / Nursing / Allied Health Care profession
  • Minister for Health


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