Members sought for Private Security Appeals Board

Candidates are invited to indicate if they also wish to be considered for the position of Chairperson of the appeals board.

Schedule 2 of the Private Security Services Act 2004 specifies that the Chairperson must be a practising barrister or practicing solicitor of not less than 7 years standing.
It shall be a function of the Chairperson to ensure the effective performance by the Appeals Board of its functions.

Ordinary Member:
Candidates must have significant professional experience of legal practice or managerial level of law enforcement or public administration.

In addition, candidates for the position of Ordinary Member must also have one of the following:

  • Professional or Board experience of regulation or governance
  • Experience of appeals processes Previous membership of an appellate body
  • Professional experience that would demonstrate knowledge of the Private Security Industry
  • Familiarity with the Private Security Services Act 2004 as amended
  • Minister for Justice and Equality


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