Would you like to be a 2020 Boardroom Apprentice?

COVID-19 Update:

We hope to open for recruitment for Boardroom Apprentice over the next few months. This will be dependant on how COVID-19 impacts. We will keep you posted via this webpage and through twitter.


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Key dates

Boardroom Apprentice requires a significant time committement. Over the 12 months there is a suite of learning days, Board and Committee meetings and the opportunity to attend other events that arise. You will need your employers support, you will need to make a personal committment to participate fully. Learning days are mandatoryBoard Meetings are mandatory and Committee Meetings will be in agreement with the host board. Some of the key dates are outlined below – you cannot apply if you cannot make these.

Placement with Host Board 01st September 2020 –

31st August 2021

Welcome Event Meet your Host Board To be confirmed
Learning Day 1 It’s all about You 2nd September 2020
Learning Day 2 It’s all about the Governance 02nd October 2020
Learning Day 3 It’s all about the Communication 06th November 2020
Learning Day 4 It’s all about the Partnerships 04th December 2020
Learning Day 5 It’s all about the Numbers 08th January 2021
Learning Day 6 It’s all about the Questioning 05th February 2021
Learning Day 7 It’s Panel Day! 05th March 2021

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