Boardroom Apprentice


Welcome and thank you for checking out the Boardroom Apprentice. If you have ever thought about being on a committee or board and decided against it for what ever reason, this pilot programme just might help you bridge the gap between that aspiration and reality.

Boardrooms are places where decisions are made, those decisions in the voluntary and public sectors impact on services delivered right across our communities. We all have a role to play, a civic one. Why couldn’t you inform the delivery of services in our communities, why couldn’t you share your knowledge and skills to help these organisations deliver really well for the people it serves? You can is the answer, but that step can sometimes just be too big to take. This pilot programme is built on the basis that by providing you with training, experience and support this will better equip you to go forward for board position in the future.

Read about a few people who are on boards already and why it matters to them:

Click on the links below to find out about the training, the host boards, how to apply and explore ‘is it for me’.

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Closing date is Tuesday 06th June 2017 at 3:00pm.