Boardroom Apprentice


The Boardroom Apprentice is 12-month board training and placement programme to encourage new people to come forward to give their time and share their skills with our third and public-sector boards. It is built on three core pillars:

  1. Provision of a 12-month Board Apprentice placement to gain experience
  2. The transfer of knowledge and learning to the Boardroom Apprentice through the delivery of a suite of training
  3. Support for the Boardroom Apprentice through an assigned board buddy

Board members are also referred to as Trustees and Non-Executive Directors. These roles exist across the third (Charity), public (Public Body) and private (Private Company) sectors.

The overarching vision is:

  • To move the Board Member role from aspiration to reality

Its aim is to:

  • To create a diverse pool of capable board ready Board Members
  • To provide a sustainable pool of capable board ready Board Members
  • To enable practical boardroom experience for aspiring Board Members
  • To provide the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience to aspiring Board Members
  • To increase the knowledge and awareness of the role of Board Members

The 2018 programme has now closed for applications. You can meet our current Boardroom Apprentices below and find out more about the initiative, the training and its aspirations.