The Training


Another key pillar of the Boardroom Apprentice is the provision of training to support you to fully deliver on your role as a board member. The training is delivered over eight sessions, covering a range of topics to enhance your knowledge and understand are detailed below.

We will explore what is expected of you, what the role entails, dealing with challenging situations, how to build relationships, build resilience, how to influence, communicate, ask questions,  getting to grips with the numbers and the information behind them. All of this will conclude with a group project that will pull all the learning together.  It is part of the eligibility criteria that you commit to all eight training sessions, so please review the dates and be certain before you apply. All training will take place in the Greater Belfast/Antrim area.

There will be a meet your board event for those who have been selected on the 11th June 4:00 – 6:00pm. Please hold the date until you know the outcome of your application. All successful applicants are expected to attend.

Session Details Date and time


  •  It is all about you


  • 14th September 2018
  • 0900 – 1400

2 & 3

  • What’s this governance thing
  • Dealing with the challenges and conflicts
  • 12th October 2018
  • 0900 – 1600

4 & 5

  • Who are you and how do you communicate.
  • Building your resilience and relationships in the boardroom
  • 09th November 2018
  • 0900 – 1600


  • Reviewing information
  • Constructing and asking questions
  • Who is bluffing who
  • 07th December 2018
  • 0900 – 1400


  • Understanding the numbers and the information behind them
  • 11th January 2019
  • 0900 – 1600


  • Group Project
  • 08th February 2019
  • 0815 – 1600