*Closes 17th June*

What we do:

FMNI is the lead provider of impartial, non-judgmental, confidential family mediation available at venues throughout NI and on-line platforms. It is also the lead trainer of family mediators in NI, with our NI bespoke foundation training programme approved by Mediators Institute Ireland and College of Mediators (UK).

Our work plays a significant role in reducing the conflict arising from separations and other family issues, helping people move on with their lives as positively as possible. Mediation is a practical process, FMNI is not a counselling service.

FMNI provides information and training to other professionals and accepts self-referrers and referrals from a range of sources within the voluntary, community and statutory sectors. 

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a Chairperson to lead our Board of Trustees who will be  passionate  about developing services that have a  positive influence on children and society.  You’ll be strategically minded and able to bring out the best of contributions from around the board table when it comes to setting the direction of the organisation. You will have a significant network and experience in service development.  You may have an understanding of diversifying funding streams.  You will have experience of working with and supporting an Executive Director.

Who are we?

Established in 2000, FMNI is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee which provides its mediation services directly to families in dispute which includes separated parents, children, step- siblings and the extended family. FMNI provides information and training to other professionals and accepts self-referrers and referrals from a range of sources within the voluntary, community and statutory sectors. FMNI is the approved trainer of family mediators in NI. It delivers its services through a team of professional mediators in venues across NI and via online means.

  • What we do?

Separated Parents Mediation This is a voluntary process in which a Professional Family Mediator helps family members to communicate more effectively, manage conflict and to make their own arrangements for the future Family mediation supports parents, children, grandparents and the wider family through change, particularly as a result of separation and divorce. We have been procured by the then Health and Social Care Board since 2009  to deliver family mediation services that enables separated parents who have not yet begun Court proceedings to avail of the process at no charge, so that they may focus on the needs and rights of the child and gain the skills to manage their separation and future co-parenting. This includes individual pre-mediation assessment appointments, pre-mediation preparation (if required), on average, four joint appointments, a parenting plan and/or a mediated agreement.

  • Child Inclusive mediation

A family mediator who is a trained specialist in talking with children as a part of a mediation in which arrangements are being made for children. FMNI will assess the overall cases for suitability to involve children as part of a child focussed, separated parents mediation, with the consent of both parents.

  • Finance Mediation

We assess for suitability in all cases, seek full disclosure, include equity in the house, division of savings, allocation of debt, and provision of retirement income through pensions. We also look at income and outgoings and help work out your budgets in separate households, which enables former partners to agree a fair and equitable way forward. The figures are transparent in an open financial statement that will assist in drafting their bespoke Mediated Agreement.  Participants are charged for this service.

  • Intergenerational/Wider Family Mediation

We facilitate family discussions and ensure that the rights and wishes of the older person are respected. Difficult topics can be addressed in a safe and constructive process. The person who contacts the service explains why mediation is being considered and who might be involved. If mediation is appropriate, the mediator will ask the caller to contact other family members to see if they would be interested in participating. The mediator has a private, confidential conversation with each of the participants who has agreed to be part of the mediation. The next step is a meeting (there may be more than one meeting) where all of the participants are present with the mediator allowing issues to be aired in order to resolve them or to agree the best way forward.

Deadline for indicating your interest before the 17th June 2022

Please contact joan@familymediationni.org.uk  to discuss this opportunity

Or phone  028406243265