*Closing 24th June*

Nexus is a Northern Ireland wide charity with over 35 years’ experience in supporting victims and survivors of sexual trauma.

Every year in Northern Ireland there are thousands of sexually violent crimes reported to PSNI, and thousands more that go unreported. Without specialists support like ours, victims of these crimes will find it even harder to deal with the trauma they experience. The impact of this trauma can be devastating and is lifelong.

We deliver a range of bespoke and specialised supports and services including:

  • Trauma informed counselling to those affected by sexual assault and trauma from age of 4
  • Post counselling support and follow-up
  • A UK wide 24 hour Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline, which is funded by the Department of Health, Department of Justice and the Department for Communities in Northern Ireland
  • Education and Training initiatives to professionals, organisations, parents and young people on topics such as consent, child sexual exploitation, handling disclosures and healthy relationships.

Chair of Board

Key responsibilities

The key responsibility of the Chair is to provide support, direction and leadership to the Board and Chief Executive, to ensure that the Board is effective in its task of overseeing both governance and performance.

The Chair will ensure:

  • Nexus NI operates within the law, and according to its constitution and its commitments to stakeholders, and is adequately resourced to meet its commitments
  • Development of an effective strategy in line with the core values of the organisation
  • Board members are fully involved in discussions and decisions, and the contribution of individual members is monitored
  • Foster a sense of inclusivity and shared mission by encouraging group decision-making, teamwork, and a sense of shared purpose
  • The board’s agenda is appropriate and focuses on the key strategic issues, all planned business is dealt with in an equitable, fair manner and a conclusion is reached
  • The board continually monitors Nexus Nl’s progress, and board members have regular, timely and relevant information on strategic and financial issues and key risks
  • Board members have a proper knowledge and understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • The board delegates as appropriate to its committees and to its chief executive
  • Regular reviews of board, committee and chief executive performance are undertaken, and a programme of development processes for the board, its members, and the chief executive is established
  • Periodic reviews of the composition and workings of Nexus Nl are undertaken to ensure it continues to respond appropriately to changes in the wider environment
  • Effective use is made of the board’s time within, and between, meetings
  • The board receives professional advice when necessary
  • The support and commitment of Nexus Nl’s partners and key stakeholders are developed and sustained
  • Represent Nexus Nl as required, and foster positive relationships with a range of stakeholders
  • Ensure that a high profile is maintained for the organisation, and that stakeholders are kept informed of our work
  • Positive working relationships are maintained among board members and with the chief executive to enable an appropriate balance of challenge and support to be provided

Through your support, leadership and direction board trustees will have confidence to deliver their roles and responsibilities.

Role Description of Board Members

Each board member has the following responsibilities, and is accountable to the board for them:

  • Provide leadership to Nexus Nl by determining the vision and strategic objectives
  • Attend and contribute to board and committee meetings, and be punctual or, where attendance is not possible, to submit apologies for non-attendance in advance
  • Prepare for, and contribute to Board and committee meetings by suggesting issues for discussion in the agenda (in advance) and by adhering to the agenda at meetings
  • To maintain respect for the confidential nature of issues designated as such by the chair at meetings
  • Question appropriately, but to share collective responsibility for decisions
  • Be well informed about the organisation’s purpose, services and strategies, and its operating environment
  • Challenge and support the CEO appropriately
  • Undertake other functions as required (e.g.) selection panels, working groups
  • Represent Nexus Nl and speak on its behalf when asked to do so by the chair
  • Ensure balance is maintained between strategic and operational management in the organisation, and ensure that Board Members do board level work only
  • Develop and maintain appropriate relationships with key stakeholders of Nexus Nl, in particular the staff and those the organisation serves
  • Act with due care and diligence in discharging all legal, regulatory and organisational duties required of a board member
  • Avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, and to disclose any possible conflicts to the chair immediately
  • Act as a full member of the board, and not as a representative of any stakeholder or group of stakeholders
  • Uphold and promote the values of Nexus Nl
  • Represent Nexus Nl as required, foster positive relationships with a range of stakeholders. The chair will ensure that a high profile is maintained for the organisation, and that stakeholders are kept informed of our work
  • Positive working relationships are maintained among board members and with the chief executive to enable an appropriate balance of challenge and support to be provided

To express an interest in a role and gain further information on how to apply please contact: hr@nexusni.org

Please note: The closing date for applications is Friday 24th June 2022 no later than 12:00 noon.

We are an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons. However, as Black and Minority ethnic groups, male, disabled people and people from the LGBT community are currently under-represented in the board, we would particularly welcome applications from the above mentioned communities and backgrounds. All appointments will be made on merit.