Before you click the ‘apply now’ button:

  • Take time to hear our Boardroom Apprentices share their experiences.

  • Check the learning days and check your diary.

  • Review all the Host Boards listed.

  • Secure your employers full support (before you apply) as you will need it to be a Boardroom Apprentice.

  • Prepare your answers in advance for ‘why’ you want to be a Boardroom Apprentice and ‘why’ you want to be matched with your Host Board choices in advance (see below).

  • Allow sufficient time to complete the application process (and don’t leave it to the last minute).

The application form allows you to begin and come back to it later

Remember and leave plenty of time to complete fully and submit on time.

You will receive a notification that your application form has been completed.

If not, you haven’t submitted it.

The questions you should prepare in advance for the application form are:

Yes, as long as you meet the selection criteria.

Please do not apply. Attendance at all learning days is required.

You must have an interest in the work of the organisation. Maybe a Board of interest will come up next year – apply then.

Monday 29th June at 11:00am. Late applications will not be accepted.

If you prepare your answers in advance, and have selected your top three boards, then you should be able to complete this in a few hours.  Remember, don’t leave it to the last minute.

No, its a clear conflict of interest. There are plenty of Host Boards to select from.

Then do not apply. It’s all in the name. Boardroom Apprentice is about gaining experience, knowledge and support for those who aspire to be in the Boardroom.

The programme is not accredited – so no assignments or exams. However, you will have to prepare in advance for your board and committee meetings. This will involve reading board papers and meeting with your Board Buddy – in your own time.

You will need your employer’s support to do the programme in full. You must secure this before you apply. See it as continuing professional development (CPD).

You do not need qualifications to be on a Board or be a Boardroom Apprentice.

If you are successful let us know what additional support you would need.

No, do not apply. There is a significant time commitment required which makes it logisitically impractical.  Aswell as the expectation if that our Boardroom Apprentices go on to serve on Boards in Northern Ireland (to give back).

Ready to go?

Applications close in...