Eileen Mullan

About Eileen

Eileen has worked with organisations across the public, voluntary and private sectors. She is a highly-accomplished trainer,  Non Executive Director, Board Advisor, facilitator and trained mediator. She holds Non-Executive roles within Health and Regulation. Never shying away from a challenge, Eileen ticked delivering a TEDx Talk off her bucket list and her idea worth sharing was “make time for what matters to you”.

Why Eileen does what she does

My appetite for boards, governance and good practice was sparked 25 years ago. Being on a Board or Committee seemed so out of reach for me. I had this one question that kept coming up – could someone like me be in the Boardroom?

Driven by curiosity and desire to serve, I began searching for committee/board roles that I could apply for and play my part. It was never easy to find these! Some were never advertised – others were, but they were still hard to find. So this website’s primary purpose is to connect those wishing to serve on our boards across the public and third sectors, with boards that are seeking a diverse range of committed individuals with the skills and talents they need.

The concept is simple – allowing these Boardroom Opportunities to be available for free to as many people as possible.

About Boardroom Apprentice

If you have passion, some skills and talents but no board experience – how do you get into on a Board? Boardroom Apprentice is my answer to bridging the gap between aspiration and reality for those who want to serve. It’s a 12-month unique board learning and development programme to enable those who aspire to be in boardrooms to be able to do just that.

I would have loved a programme like this when I started out – allowing me to not just understand the practicalities of being a Board Member, but how to apply it in the most effective way. I have pulled together my personal experiences and those of others of serving on boards into this programme so that we enable the next generation of board members to get it right from the start.

If you had asked me when I left college what I wanted to do, I would not have said ‘be a board member’. My boardroom journey has fuelled my passion and bringing it together with my skills and talents has enabled me to support aspiring Board Members and Boards to be the best they can be.

Watch Eileen’s TedX talk:

Eileen shares her motivation for being a Trustee and Non Executive Director through her  TEDx Talk.

Listen to Eileen’s talk to the She Said Club:

Eileen talks about the importance of diversity. Values are everything – be kind to each other!

What others say about Eileen:

Eileen demonstrated integrity and discretion in assisting us in our promotion of ‘best in class’ governance.

Eileen is a powerhouse in advocating for diversity, inclusion and a champion for change

Eileen created a safe space, where people felt at ease and able to participate- from very different levels of experience, everyone felt able to contribute.

Eileen is an eloquent public speaker and captivates her audience with ease

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