*Closes 29th January*

Mutual Energy are currently recruiting new members who will play an important governance role within Mutual Energy.

About Mutual Energy

Mutual Energy is a major player in the Northern Ireland energy sector managing critically important gas and electricity assets.

We own and operate the Moyle Interconnector which links the electricity systems of Northern Ireland and Scotland, the Premier Transmission Pipeline System (PTPS), which consists of the Scotland to Northern Ireland natural gas transmission pipeline (SNIP), the Belfast Gas Transmission Pipeline (BGTP) and the West Transmission Pipelines, operated by Premier Transmission Limited, Belfast Gas Transmission Limited and West Transmission Limited respectively which is delivering the latest Gas to the West project.

These strategically important assets provide vital energy links with Great Britain, and Mutual Energy aims to manage them to the highest standards of safety, reliability and efficiency. Our overall purpose is to own and operate energy infrastructure in the long-term interest of Northern Ireland energy consumers.

We are a mutual, which means that, because we have no shareholders to pay, we reinvest the money we earn for the long-term benefit of energy users in Northern Ireland.

The important role our members play

As a mutual company, we do things differently and our governance model is unique in the energy industry

Our members are one of our most important assets and one of the distinguishing features of our unique business model. Members

are appointed to represent the energy consumers of Northern Ireland and fulfil many of the roles of shareholders in other companies, scrutinising the performance of the organisation.

They perform an important stewardship role for strategic infrastructure which provides essential energy and power to Northern Ireland consumers and businesses.

The Mutual Energy board is therefore accountable to members for its management of the business. Performance is scrutinised against commercial and other targets, as well as against energy industry benchmarks for quality of service and cost efficiency.

How to apply

If you are interested in representing Northern Ireland’s energy consumers and can give the two half days a year to attend meetings please email roisin.clarke@mutual-energy.com for more information.

The Membership Selection Committee will review all suitable applications against the Company’s published criteria for membership, particularly

as regards the qualities and industry experience (whether specific or general) of the potential member, his or her independence and personal integrity, his or her ability to contribute to the Company and the need to ensure a balanced membership.

Shortlisted applicants may be invited to a short meeting with a view to appointing members shortly after.