‘Closes 26th October’

We wish to recruit individuals to serve on Verbal’s Board of Directors

We invite an expression of interest from those individuals who have a background in the private, public or community/voluntary sectors and that have skills in one or more of the following areas:

  • Financial
  • Strategic vision;
  • Human Resources
  • Networking
  • PR/Marketing
  • Digital Technology
  • Health & Safety
  • Risk
  • Knowledge of Core business
  • Legal
  • Commercial.

(Board Members are voluntary and therefore the position is not remunerated).

Overview of the organisation:

Verbal’s vision is a world where Every Story Matters.

  • The organisation believes that storytelling is a transformational, leadership art, open to all, through which we translate values into action: engaging heart, head, and hands.
  • Storytelling is accessible & participation based created from the experience of challenge, choice and outcome which we all have encountered.
  • Everything Verbal does aims to give everyone regardless of ability, background or circumstances the opportunity and the means to; tell their story & listen to the stories of others.

For further information on our programmes and projects please go to: www.theverbal.co

Alternatively please contact our Chair, Mark Moroney, as below:

• Email: Board@theverbal.co
• Tel: 028 7126 6946

Closing date for applications is: 2.00pm on Tuesday, 26th October 2021