*Closes 26th October*

We wish to recruit individuals to serve on Verbal’s Board of Directors. We invite applications from those individuals who have a background in the private, public or community/voluntary sectors and who have skills in one or more of the following areas: Financial; Public Health and Educational Psychology. (Note: These positions are non-executive and unremunerated).

Overview of the organisation

Verbal’s vision is a world where Every Story Matters.

Verbal supports individuals and communities through storytelling. Our work has a special focus on mental health and well-being. We are active in schools, communities, and in diverse organisations. By combining  creativity, storytelling and psychology, we enable people to understand and explore their own personal story and to listen to and respect the stories of others. We believe that storytelling is a transformative, leadership artform created from the experience of challenge, choice and outcome that we all encounter throughout our lives. Storytelling is open to all and is the creative tool through which we translate values into action, and make sense of our environment and circumstances.  

For further information on our programmes and projects please go to: www.theverbal.co

For more details on the role of Board Members click on the link below: Information For Non-Executive Director Candidates

How to apply

Please contact our Chair, Dr Catherine McDonnell, as below:

Please provide a concise CV outlining relevant experience, together with a description of what you believe you would bring to the role of Board Member.

 Closing date for applications is: 26 October 2023