Trustees – Diabetes UK

*Closes 30th October* Our vision is a world where diabetes can do no harm.  With one in 15 of us now living with diabetes, we need that change for the next generation. Diabetes UK are looking for two more trustees to join our Board of Trustees, one living in Northern Ireland and one living in [...]

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Chair and Members – Northern Ireland Museums Council

*Closes 26th October* Northern Ireland Museums Council (NIMC) has a key role in supporting a flourishing, dynamic, inclusive and sustainable museums sector in Northern Ireland. Its remit covers a range of local museums through which it aims to positively engage with its audience to allow them to enjoy and participate with museums. The Department for [...]

Board Members – Ardmonagh Family and Community Group Limited

*Closes 30th October* Ardmonagh Family and Community Group Limited (AFCG) is a charitable organisation which delivers health & social care services. Our mission statement outlines our purpose as: “Enhance the quality of life for the residents of Belfast through the provision of relevant, accessible, affordable and well managed supported family and childcare services.” We are [...]